Who We Are

We are blockchain, fintech, data research web 3.0 company.  First phase of our business is crypto blockchain production that is currently operating functionally.  Second phase of our business is crypto token build up and is developed and tested and is deployed and our Apollo 18 (APOLO) Ethereum token is in pre-ICO.  For the third phase we are researching blockchain application to solve business issues and make business process extremely efficient as well add more crypto production with mining and staking. 

Mining is the work of creating ledger of validation for two parties receiving and sending crypto.  We are creating billions of ledger everyday in the internet with Blockchain pipeline to authenticate and validate crypto currency.  Without authentication and validation crypto currency will not have integrity as it can be duplicated and because of miners who validate and keep ledgers Crypto currency is authentic, secure, and has superb integrity in the Blockchain and Online digital ecosystem. 

Third phase of our project will be Web 3.0 app development and our team is researching blockchain and Web 3.0 applications in variety of fields such as medical, mortgate, insurance, banking etc. 

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