Our Business

Web 3.0 Blockchain research and app development and Fintech crypto currency technology.  Crypto blockchain production, crypto token, blockchain application development.  Utilizing blockchain technology to build up smart token with real life utilities that fits with current virtual ecosystem. Blockchain application development to solve business problems and to make business extremely efficient.  

Web development 3.0, 2.0

We development Web 3.0 website for small businesses. Web 3.0 is third generation of website that is decentralized and semantic and housed in public blockchain.

Web development Web 2.0 for home based and small business via Online My Biz

Crypto currency

Digital currency is the way of the future and we created smart, utility with Web 3.0 Blockchain Ethereum platform crypto token, Apollo 18 (APOLO) Ethereum Token, now in pre-ICO. We are also validating and creating ledgers of thousands of crypto currency exchanging in the network to make it authentic and high integrity as a secure and valid with Proof of Work. 


Blockchain technology to build applications to provide solutions to businesses solve existing problem arising from mature declining software that is not compatible with current virtual growing ecosystem. Blockchain technology is immutable, high integrity, efficient, and reliable. 

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