Apollo 18 (APOLO) Ethereum Token pre-ICO

We just launched Apollo Utility Token Apollo 18 (APOLO) Ethereum Token on main Ethereum network for pre-ICO. This network is stable, established, secured and well used worldwide. You can get in now as we are in pre-ICO stage and taking orders. Please visit our Apollo 18 Ethereum token page. 

Apollo 18 (APOLO) Ethereum Token's vision

Apollo 18 (APOLO) Ethereum Token's vision is to build and support innovative communities around the globe.  We have technologies and resources in the Universe to Transform humans to exponential utopian level that could only be imagined now.  This dream requires utilizing innovations to build communities globally starting locally right here in the DFW, TX, United States, and reaching across the Universe.  Join us in this venture to move toward the vision of continuation of transformation and innovation for efficiency and growth so that humans can spend more time doing what matters the most, family, travel, and work on self-realization. 

How you can join:
1. Utilize Apollo 18 Ethereum (APOLO) token in your businesses as a tool for exchange (developing)
2. Acquire Apollo 18 Ethereum (APOLO) token with your asset (Pre-ICO)
3. Acquire Apollo 18 Ethereum (APOLO) token with your time to help us build 15 minutes at a time with various tasks in hand (Platform of exchange is developing, currently using slack.com, write us at robinpandey@apollotechnologiesus.com to get invited)

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